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Venezia, Isola di San Michele. L' associazione Laguna nel Bicchiere, guidata da Flavio Franceschet, si occupa del recupero delle vigne nelle Isole della Laguna e nel centro storico di Venezia. Nella foto Flavio Franceschet <br />
The Lagoon in a glass, the vineyards rediscovered. Professor Franceschet di Tarzo, sangue novo de Venexia, was initiating an adventure. In this, he was supported by his students at the Calvino dei Giardini Middle School. Their aim was to evaluate the territory by means of making wine from the grapes of the Scarpa Volo di Mazzorbo zone. From that original idea of a didactic farm, curiousity was born, and was sustained by the "Three Musketeers" of wine: the host Mauro Lorenzon, the trattoria owner Cesare Benelli and the bio-wine producer Giannantonio Posocco, decided to catalogue the vineyards and fruit gardens of Venice, the islands and the Lagoon outskirts included.